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Positive Mindset for Entrepreneurs from The Mind Aware

Sep 2, 2016

Who:  Kellie Sanders - Coach and Mentor for Women Fitness Professionals

What We Talked About:  The essentials of mindset and marketing and how to combine the two.  Kellie shared her own journey in the strategies that helped to grow her business and why niching down to a smaller market was actually the turning point for growing her business faster.  She also revealed her morning mindset routine and how it keeps her on track every day and the one purchase you need to make today.

Why I Like Kellie:  This is someone who “gets it.”  She understands mindset.  She understands marketing.  She knows how to help people gain clarity in their businesses.  And she is rapidly growing her business because she knows how to practice what she preaches.  Kellie is a powerhouse.

Great Line:  What do you want?  Get specific.  

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