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Positive Mindset for Entrepreneurs from The Mind Aware

Mar 30, 2016

Who:  Shonté Jovan Taylor - Neuroscientist and Mindset Success Catalyst

What We Talked About:  How 90% of success has to do with mindset.  Shonté talked about the shift that happens in our brains when we make the leap from working a nine-to-five job to being an entrepreneur and how most of us are not prepared for it.  Then she reveals practical advice for making that shift, so you land on your feet.

Why I Like Shonté:  I like her viewpoint.  She has an original way of looking at things that is really interesting.  Additionally, it’s easy to take those ideas and apply them to your own life and make the mindset shift you need to succeed as an entrepreneur.

Great Line:  Go all in!

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