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Positive Mindset for Entrepreneurs from The Mind Aware

Oct 25, 2016

Who:   Dr. Norm Shealy - One of the World’s Leading Experts in Pain and Depression Management.

What We Talked About:  Listen to this classic interview from the Ready for More Series where I talk to Dr. Norm Shealy about how to manage pain.  He not only revealed key minerals and supplements that can improve the quality of your life, he also walked us through a process during the interview that will give you a mindset shift right now.

Why I Like Dr. Shealy:  He was way ahead of his time!  He was talking about the connection between the mind and body in wellness way before it was popular.  He is a trendsetter and has 11 patents and 25 bestselling books.  He is an accomplished neurosurgeon who has taken the study of pain management into a whole new direction.

Great Line:  The number one determiner for the ones who live the longest and the healthiest is conscientiousness.  

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