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Positive Mindset for Entrepreneurs from The Mind Aware

Dec 23, 2015

Who:  Dr. Steve Taubman - Speaker, Stage Hypnotist, and Author of UnHypnosis

What We Talked About:  The four quadrants of awareness.  Which one are you and why does it matter?  Steve revealed how you can change from perfectionist to self-acceptance and how with a few small steps, you can be happier.

Why I Like Steve:  He is always thinking of new ways to present ideas of mindfulness.  He is great at breaking ideas down into small, bite-sized chunks, and making them easy to understand.  Equal parts of mindfulness, awareness, and entertainment.  

Great Line:  Make it a priority to learn how to master your mind.

Where to Learn More:  Get the video Steve mentioned in the interview and his Magic of Inner Selling book here: