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Positive Mindset for Entrepreneurs from The Mind Aware

Jan 28, 2016

Who:  James Wedmore - Video Expert and Founder of Video Traffic Academy

What We Talked About:   It’s Throwback Thursday!  Listen to this classic interview where I talked to James Wedmore about video marketing.  We talked about why you should be doing video and how to get started.  James gives one super easy way to get started now where you don’t even have to do the work or be on camera.  If you want the traction of video and don’t know where to get started, then listen to this interview.

Why I Like James:  He really knows how to cut through the excuses.  Everytime I hear him, I feel so motivated to get started with video.  He doesn’t sugar coat what’s involved, but somehow he still makes it sound easy and do-able and gets you fired up to get started!  

Great Line:   When you start to see the power that video has to turn you into a celebrity, to put you automatically in the position of authority, you don’t need to be a salesperson anymore, because you have this unstoppable brand.

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