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Positive Mindset for Entrepreneurs from The Mind Aware

Apr 27, 2016

Who:  Susan Drumm - Leadership Coach for Entrepreneurs

What We Talked About:  How to outsource.  What are you doing that you should be delegating?  How do you assess what you should or shouldn’t be doing and then who do you hire?  Susan gave several essential tips for outsourcing your first project today and as you might guess, it all starts with mindset.  If you’re working too many hours, this is the episode for you.

Why I Like Susan:  Susan experienced her own mindset shift in her business.  She went from wearing every hat in her business and working long hours, to getting outside help and being able to focus on the parts of her business where she excelled and the parts she loved.  She knows from experience that you want to be working in joy and not in frustration.

Great Line:   Your ability to scale your business is directly related to your ability to hire, inspire, and lead a team.

Where to Learn More:  Get your free delegation assessment worksheet here: