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Positive Mindset for Entrepreneurs from The Mind Aware

Aug 26, 2016

Who:  Danielle MacKinnon - Animal Intuitive and Intuitive Coach

What We Talked About:  How your business can grow and evolve as you do.  Danielle shared how she was able to brand herself professionally in the “woo woo” world of being an animal communicator and still retain her authentic self.  Discover her journey from Grad School to now taking her followers on retreats to Peru, Bimini, and Costa Rica.  This is transformation at its best.

Why I Like Danielle:  She is blatantly honest about how she is growing her business and the mistakes she made along the way.  Danielle wholeheartedly follows the “fire, ready, aim” method to business growth and it’s working for her big time.  If you like a goofy attitude with an infectious happy outlook combined with a passion for marketing, then you’ll like Danielle like I do.

Great Line:  Let it be imperfect.

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