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Positive Mindset for Entrepreneurs from The Mind Aware

Oct 20, 2016

Who:  Molly Mahoney - Performance and Camera Confidence Coach

What We Talked About:  How to get more confident in front of the camera so you can live stream and do videos in a way that is professional, but still be your authentic self.  Molly gives several exercises and tips that you can implement right now.  She also reveals a dynamite exercise for making sure that you are fully warmed up before you turn on the camera.

Why I Like Molly:  Molly is fun personified.  She has so much energy, she lifts you up.  You want to listen.  You want to hang on every word, because she draws you in.  Now those are the qualities a person wants in a performance coach!  

Great Line:  Make sure you recognize things that you love about your appearance and we all have at least one thing we love.

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