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Positive Mindset for Entrepreneurs from The Mind Aware

Jan 29, 2019

Who:  Dana Wilde - Bestselling Author of Train Your Brain, Creator of The Celebrity Formula, and Host of The Mind Aware Show

Special Guest:  Dani Lee Milne - Transformational Coach

What This Show is About: She Wants a More Consistent Income in Her Business!

Dana Wilde is joined by special guest, Dani Lee Milne, transformational coach who loves to help women uncover their truest self so that they may live an authentic, fulfilled life of joy. She asks, “I seem to still struggle with consistency in building my business. I do really well for a while, focused, organized and on task, then I get off track and cant seem to get anything to do with my business done.  I am doing everything but what I "should" be doing. Can you help?  Dana helps the listener have a positive mindset shift!  

On The Mind Aware Show, Dana Wilde talks about marketing, mindset, and more.  She wants to help YOU grow your business the Train Your Brain way. This means making money by being happy and getting paid to be YOU!  Click here to submit a request to be a guest on the show:

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