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Positive Mindset for Entrepreneurs from The Mind Aware

May 26, 2022

Who: Dana Wilde - Bestselling Author of Train Your Brain, Creator of The Celebrity Formula, and Host of Positive Mindset for Entrepreneurs

What This Show is About: A Technique from Fiction Writers that Will Make You Money

Dana reveals a technique that fiction writers use that will help you to become a better brain trainer, make more money, and manifest your dreams.

Dana Wilde, the #1 bestselling author of Train Your Brain, delivers motivation, marketing ideas, and business tips designed to break through your limiting beliefs, and manifest freedom and success in your business. Dana Wilde goes beyond positive thinking and the Law of Attraction. This podcast is the ultimate in Entrepreneur Mindset. Click here to ask Dana:

In today’s episode ...

  • Discover how to think more CREATIVELY.
  • How to PRIME YOUR BRAIN with better questions.
  • Learn how to explore all your “WHAT IF?” scenarios.
  • Find out how to get BETTER answers and ideas for your business.
  • Listen in to hear the way to stop your mind from OBSESSING over your business.
  • Discover how to REPROGRAM yourself to create better business approaches and opportunities.

Resources for this episode:

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