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Positive Mindset for Entrepreneurs from The Mind Aware

Jan 23, 2018

Who:  JB Glossinger - Host of Morning Coach and Author of The Sacred Six: The Simple Step-by-Step Process for Focusing Your Attention and Recovering Your Dreams.

What We Talked About:  How are you starting your day?  Coffee?  Reading emails?  Surfing the web?  What if instead you could start your day in a way that would have you finished by 10 AM?  Intrigued?  Then you’ll love this interview with JB Glossinger where he talks about his morning routine that guarantees he’s productive and done with work by 10 AM.  You’ll discover the ONE thing you can do first thing in the morning that will clear your head, inspire brilliant ideas, and make you feel great.  He also shares a system that worked for turn-of-the-century millionaires that will help you gain clarity every day and much more.  If you feel like you could turn up your productivity a notch or two, then this is the interview for you!

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