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Positive Mindset for Entrepreneurs from The Mind Aware

Jul 25, 2016

Who:  Charlotte Stewart - Actress, Known as Miss Beadle on Little House on the Prairie and Betty Briggs in Twin Peaks

What We Talked About:  Charlotte’s first days on the set of Little House on the Prairie and when she started to feel like she was “stepping into her celebrity.”  She talked about her philosophies for success and how optimism has helped her.  Charlotte is someone who has really lived life in a BIG way, from her wild days of hanging out with Jim Morrison in the 60’s to working with David Lynch on Eraserhead and Twin Peaks to her recent tour with the Little House cast, Charlotte is someone who says, “YES” to life!

Why I Like Charlotte:  Charlotte is over 75-years-old and still living life like it’s an adventure.  Recently married and ready to appear in a Twin Peaks Reunion Event, there is no end in sight to her thirst for life.  There is a bubbly essence to Charlotte that I know you will love.

Great Line:   I do think of life as an adventure.

Where to Learn More:  Get Charlotte’s new memoir here:

LITTLE HOUSE IN THE HOLLYWOOD HILLS: A Bad Girl's Guide to Becoming Miss Beadle, Mary X, and Me by Charlotte Stewart and Andy Demsky is the no-holds-barred, heart-breaking and ultimately joyful account of 50 years in film and television