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Positive Mindset for Entrepreneurs from The Mind Aware

Jan 27, 2016

Who:   Shari Teigman - Soul Explorer, Life Coach, Sparkle Maker, and Host of the Creative Soul Lab Podcast

What We Talked About:  Passion.  What it is and how to get more of it into your life.  In this interview, Shari shared a definitely I have never heard before and when you hear it, I think you’ll agree that it will change how you look at passion forever.  In this interview, Shari shares the exact steps to go from a life that feels flat to a life filled with wonder, creativity, and passion.  Curious?  Good … that’s a good start.

Why I Like Shari:  Shari delivers information in a way that is juicy.  She is able to describe concepts in such a creative, graphic, interesting, and new way, that you’re drawn in.  It’s obvious she herself is passionate about what she’s sharing and her focus and clarity make it easy for you to believe that it’s also possible for you.

Great Line:  You have to be ready and willing to feel fully in all ways.

Where to Learn More:  Free Consultation with Shari -