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Positive Mindset for Entrepreneurs from The Mind Aware

May 4, 2016

Who:  Aaron Anastasi - Bestselling Author of The Voice of Your Dreams

What We Talked About:  How to silence those critical thoughts that arise.  We all get them, but how do you quiet those noisy thoughts that are really limiting beliefs in disguise?  Aaron delivers several exercises that help to shift your focus to the positive and take steps toward your dreams.

Why I Like Aaron:  He is so willing to try new things.  He built a successful business with the Superior Singing Method, including a YouTube channel that has had over 10 million views and he was willing to shift gears to write a self-help book and recently he’s been getting into acting.  He understands that life is meant to be lived and he’s always ready for the next adventure.

Great Line:  Turn down the voices of limitation and turn up the voice of success.

Where to Learn More:  Instagram: @aaronanastasi